The Music Heals Project


Supported in part by the
Foundation for Neuroscience, Stroke and Recovery

Welcome to The Music Heals Project

Raising awareness for the healing power of music.

The Foundation for Neuroscience, Stroke and Recovery was my brainchild in 2005. Instead of a 501(c)3 Corporation benefitting a particular hospital, I wanted to start a charity that benefitted my patients and other patients like mine. At that time I had a very grateful patient who offered to run this charity, with me as Founder and CEO.

We of course wanted to expand our horizons, and as our next project, the Board of Directors have decided to bring music as a Healing Art to the community! Thus, the birth of our Symphonic Suite for Healing and our mission to create Music Therapy programs across the nation.

This initial project was jump-started on March 1st, 2014 with our sold-out performance of the world premier of Mike Garson's Symphonic Suite for Healing. Three separate standing ovations, and a packed house, made the concert an enormous success. We raised awareness for the healing power of music, we are now going forth with bringing that power to local communities and hospitals. We are partnering with Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, in their work with Autism. Please join us with your support of this project.

Christopher Duma, MD, FACS
CEO and Founder, The Music-Heals Project (formerly, FNSR)

Our community partners include:

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Dr. Christopher Duma and Mike Garson

Watch the 3-minute introductory video below