Vanderbilt Brain Institute & Autism

The Music-Heals Project is currently partnering with The Vanderbilt Brain Institute on a variety of research studies evaluating the effects of music on the autistic patient. We will be looking at what specific musical elements lead to the greatest improvements in autistic behavior and EEG patterns. The first patients will be enrolled in the very near future, and the abstract of the first study can be seen below:

Brain and Behavioral Responses to Music Listening and Playing in an Autistic Patient Population

Nicole Baganz (1), Sarah Baum (1), Mike Garson (2), Chris Duma (2), Antonia Thelen (1), Mark T. Wallace (1)
1. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, TN, USA
2. The Music-Heals Project, Newport Beach, CA, USA

A link between music and autism has been proposed. Preliminary observations suggest positive changes in a small cohort of autistic patients who displayed improvements in behaviors commonly associated with autism, including social impairment, communication deficits and repetitive behavior, in response to music listening and playing. Our pilot study is designed to examine the effects of specific elements of music composed and performed by Mike Garson on piano tailored to autistic patients who learned to play, and/or listened to the composition, on brain activity and behavior.

Watch a video featuring the Chairman of the Vanderbilt University Brain Institute discussing his work with sounds, hearing and the autistic patient.

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