Dr. Justin Busch

Justin Busch is a board certified anesthesiologist currently serving as a physician consultant with The Music-Heals Project. Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Busch worked as a staff writer in Nashville where he composed and produced music. His songs have been recorded by a variety of artists across multiple genres, as well as having been in films, network television shows, national advertising campaigns, and more.

Dr. Busch went back to medical school and then completed a residency where he specialized in anesthesiology, perioperative medicine, pain management, and critical care. He now practices in Newport Beach, CA where he also continues to write, produce, and perform.

Dr. Busch has a long held interest in the healing power of music. He has given many presentations on the impact of music in the perioperative setting. In 2009 he wrote an IRB proposing research evaluating live versus recorded music's effects on preoperative vital signs. As a former member of UC Irvine's "Music to Heal" organization, he gained a further appreciation of music's positive effect on patient outcomes. Dr. Busch's lifelong dedication to music and medicine is evident and he looks forward to bringing his expertise and experience to The Music-Heals Project.

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